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With our specially adapted vehicles and equipment for loading equines in and around tight spaces, i.e. yards, stable blocks etc. we cover an extremely wide area including Hertfordshire, Essex, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Suffolk, London and beyond. The following options are available, please call for further information:
Solo Cremation                                          
Includes pistol euthanasia (if required), collection, individual cremation and return of own ashes (by hand in 99.9% of cases) in casket with brass, engraved name plaque.                                                    
Mass Cremation (with or without ashes)
Includes pistol euthanasia (if required), collection and cremation. Token ashes may be returned (by hand in 99.9% of cases).                          
Includes pistol euthanasia (if required), collection and disposal.                                      
We are fully Category 1 Licensed to deal with Sheep, Pigs and other farm animals. Please phone for details.                                      
We are on 24-hour emergency call and have 3 qualified slaughtermen of which 1 is on call at all times.                        
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